Hotel Marriott


The task given to designers was to design an architectural and building concept of a standard 5 * hotel, located on the upper plate of the multilevel P2 parking, opposite the newly constructed T2 terminal at the Frederic Chopin Airport in Warsaw. According to the design team, the new hotel should be associated with the terminal not only functionally, but also aesthetically and materially.

The proximity to the airport was the direct inspiration for us in designing the proposed building. It is no coincidence that the hotel has the shape of a rising loop. This symbolises the taxying and take-off of an airplane, and the direction of the building’s ascent is analogical to that of the aircraft take-off direction. The texture on the glass of the top floors of the building is no coincidence either. It is intended to be reminiscent of the condensation line generated by a jet.

Project assumptions:

  • direct or indirect reference to the structure of the existing carpark
  • the use of an airplane’s ascent direction as the main project idea
  • link to the existing communication system of the terminal
  • optimal use of the land – aesthetically and functionally
  • material and visual reference to the location and surroundings
  • functional and clear communication system inside the building
  • the creation of private spaces, open to hotel guests
  • a high atrium, open to the south
  • the form of the building that allows for maximum use of insolation and noise protection






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