Monument AK


The form of the monument differs from the traditional understanding of a monumental sculpture and is a type of provocation induced by the reinforcement of the visual stimuli of light. “The monument foundation” takes place around the whole of Czerwińskiego Boulevard imposing its target destination – the National Memory Garden; “the monument”, comprised of several elements graphically dispersed in an apparently disorganised space, has its share in constructing the idea of the  whole – a place for remembering.

The project’s objective is to develop the space so as to have a direct effect on visitors’ emotions without losing its educational nature. Only such exposure can become a function of the collective memory, which is intended to reflect not only the past, but also the present, by moulding the attitudes of the young generation thanks to this everyday history lesson.

The form is clean and economical, the sculpture tension is created by the proportions themselves  and the scattered elements of the assumption set by the composition framework. The light is a reflection of feelings following the idea, feelings that cannot be determined by any rules, closed, or restrained by any form.

The sculptural elements are made of satin laminated glass. An inscription informing about the idea of the monument is foreseen on one of the planes of the sculpture.




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