Wiślane Tarasy


This apartment has been functionally divided into two parts: the day and night zones. The day zone contains the living room, kitchen and office (used during the day), while the night zone includes the entrance hall, a closet, bathroom, laundry facilities and bedroom (used mainly at night).

The apartment is full of innovative solutions, such as a folding table (one-touch convertible), intelligent lighting system (a few programmed variants) and home server. In accordance with the request made by the investor, the table is unfolded only when you need it, for special occasions, as well as other facilities, such as a home theatre system, which is normally hidden and switched on by one touch of a button.

The minimalist interior has been designed with great care to detail and functionality. The day zone promotes integration without reducing day-to-day operations – an open space. Bright colours help you concentrate on your daily work and maintain a high level of activity until the end of the day.

The night zone is protected by an invisible veil – a dark colour (floors, walls and ceiling). Beyond the veil, life moves in a different mode (sleepy).

This apartment has been designed for two very busy people who often work at home, so all of the functional solutions and ideas must also conform to their high demands.





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Wiślane Tarasy